4 original ways to get about in the Benelux region

Air taxi, VIP coach, private chauffeur, business class train… business travel is in the throes of a mini-revolution…

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Do you have a meeting in Amsterdam, a team-building exercise in Luxembourg or a conference in Brussels?
When it comes to organising your Benelux business trips, there are numerous forms of transport that are faster and more enjoyable than the car.

1. Want to save time?

Only got a few hours to spend with your clients? Then say goodbye to traffic bottlenecks and airport queues: the private air taxi –helicopter version or plane version – is the ideal solution for considerable time savings! Did you think this form of transportation was the preserve of wealthy business travellers? Well think about it for a moment… With this option, you can depart from small local aerodromes at whatever time you wish: this enables you to arrange meetings for the same day, whereas previously, you would have had to set aside two consecutive days in your diary. And it’s also a good way of minimising the meal and accommodation costs associated with the trip!

2. Fancy feeling less fatigued?

A long car drive requires continuous concentration. But arriving at your business meeting with heavy eyelids and a tired mind is far from ideal, isn’t it? So why not leave the stress of the road to a  private chauffeur! Then all you have to do is settle into the comfy back seat to peruse your files, read the papers or simply relax. There are numerous companies that offer this type of service (every possible luxury, Wi-Fi, etc.), so you really will be spoilt for choice.

3. Why not transport a group of your staff together?

Do you need to get a large number of staff to the same conference? Instead of leaving them all to make their own way there, why not hire one form of transport for everyone? From a minibus to a VIP coach, the range of options available is extensive. And if you fancy pulling out all the stops in order to reward or impress your staff, then anything’s possible: a leather sofa with meeting table, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, espresso machine and even on-board staff to serve appetizers or full meals… How? Courtesy of a Glamour-Lounge coach which, as an option, can also provide entertainment along the way in the shape of a professional DJ!

4. Keen to reduce your environmental footprint?

The train is regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly forms of transport, and if you regularly travel abroad on business, you might be aware that SNCB International offers various facilities such as monthly invoicing, corporate rates, travel-tracking to pinpoint where your employees are…

5. Prefer more traditional means of transport such as the car?

Then bear in mind that AccorHotels clients benefit from a discount at Europcar.
Published by Gary on 03/10/2018 Photo credit: © istock

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