The five finest airports in the world

Fly in or out of these hubs and long waits could be an altogether more pleasant experience

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Long waits during a layover don't have to be a chore: not if you choose the right airport. Airports in the biggest cities pull out all the stops to be included among the world's most renowned stopover hotspots.
From the quality of your welcome and the airport's cleanliness, to the (sometimes) gourmet restaurants, private work areas, recreation areas, and luxury spas and boutiques, the World Airport Awards has ranked the best airports in the world for 2016. Here’s a little tour of the top five. 

1. Changi, Singapore (Singapore)

Singapore's Changi Airport has held its spot at the top of the ranking for the fourth year in a row. This position is enhanced by a first-place ranking in the category 'Best Airport for Leisure Amenities'.
And with good reason: with its movie theatres, hanging gardens, a rooftop swimming pool right next to a gym, and even city tours offered free of charge (day or night) to passengers in transit, the pleasure of Changi Airport might well make you forget that you're away on business.

2. Incheon, Seoul (South Korea)

This airport, the largest in South Korea, is one of the busiest in the world.
Incheon owes its second-place ranking to its many facilities that promote both work and relaxation. In addition to its restaurants, shops and internet lounges, Incheon International Airport has a medical centre, a dry cleaner, several gardens, a spa, a museum, an ice rink, and even a golf club where you can work on your swing between flights.

3. Franz Josef Strauß, Munich (Germany)

Already known as the best in Europe, Munich Airport, Germany's second-largest airport, looks just like a bustling city centre. 
For apprentice pilots, an iPilot flight simulator lets you take over the virtual controls of a Boeing 737. If you need a rest, you'll find individual cabins called 'Napcabs' where you can take advantage of a private pod that's equipped with a workstation and Wi-Fi. So you can catch up on work after a quick snooze. 

4. Haneda, Tokyo (Japan)

To the south-west of Tokyo, Haneda Airport is built on an artificial island in the sea. It's an attraction in its own right, so much so that some people visit without even taking a flight.
Although everything is planned so you can get connected and work in preparation for your business trip, you'll also find a shopping area on the fourth floor called the 'Edo Koji', recreating the true ambiance of the Edo period (1600-1868). Change of scenery, guaranteed!

5. Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong (China)

This airport has been chosen several times as the top winner of the World Airport Awards.
Hong Kong Airport is renowned for its smooth traffic flow and its signage: it's impossible to get lost and endless lines are nowhere to be seen.
Its direct access to public transportation — including boats — makes it highly convenient for your business stay in Hong Kong. It also has many services allowing you to take a relaxing break before your departure: a movie theatre, exhibits, Oriental massage parlours and more are waiting to be discovered

Published by Sylvie on 08/12/2017 Photo credit: © Anyaberkut

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