Business travel in winter: 5 tips to tackle the cold

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Cold, wind and snow can be tough on our bodies… So if you have an upcoming business trip to a country infamous for its icy or unpredictable climate, here are a few pointers that will help you avoid getting frostbite!

1. Wear thermal underwear (no one will ever know! )

In a business environment, it’s always important to be meticulously attired… So instead of spoiling your smart look with an unflattering ski jacket, try wearing thermal underwear beneath your suit. It’s designed to preserve body heat while at the same time releasing moisture (i.e sweat). But be warned! These thermal fabrics are available with different heat retention values, so be sure to choose carefully or you might suffocate during meetings!

2. Use “the onion technique”

Choosing what to wear is not straightforward when you’re constantly moving between an overheated interior (hotel, metro, office, etc.) and an ice-cold exterior! So what’s the best way to contend with these sharp variations in temperature? Rather than donning a thick hot woollen sweater, it’s better to wear several thinner layers, which you can then easily take off or put back on to suit the temperature wherever you happen to be. 

3. Make use of high-tech accessories

When it’s cold, the body reduces blood flow to its extremities in order to send more to the vital organs, so it’s essential to cover your head, hands and feet properly. And the good news is that modern technology is constantly offering new innovations in this regard. Such as? Heated insoles for your shoes that allow you to regulate the temperature of your feet via your smartphone, or touchscreen gloves compatible with mobile & tablet screens. They’re extremely useful for phoning or sending emails to your clients without getting numb fingers!

4. Protect your electronic devices

In humid climates, keep your smartphone or tablet dry by investing in an airtight case. Equally though, cold weather or a sudden change in temperature can also adversely affect your device’s functioning (condensation, slow-down, etc.). So before using it, leave it to adjust to the internal room temperature, but never put it near a heat source (radiator, hairdryer, etc.), as you risk damaging it or shortening its lifespan. Lastly, don’t forget that cold causes batteries to drain faster, so remember to bring a small external battery with you for emergencies.

5. Expand your social circle

A very serious study conducted by the University of Toronto has revealed that people feel the cold more when socially excluded. Spending time with other people distracts us and enhances our sense of comfort & well-being. So rather than shutting yourself away in your hotel room during an evening, instead try to bond with colleagues by suggesting visiting a restaurant together, exploring the town, or going for a post-meeting jog… 
Published by Gary on 03/12/2018 Photo credit: © iStock

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