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Who said weekdays are for work only? So-called after-work events usually start around 6:00 p.m. and end at 1:00 a.m. at the latest. This way, an after-work party is a great opportunity to enjoy a couple of drinks with your colleagues and still make it to bed early enough to get some rest for the upcoming workday.
The after-work trend originated in New York City and was initially addressed to the young crowd working in startup companies. At an after-work event, there’s no dress code: People usually meet there right after work, so most guests wear casual business outfits and do not change beforehand.
Meanwhile, a wide variety of after-work lounges and after-work bars can be found in German cities as well – with the Bavarian capital being no exception. Munich is much more than just a popular destination for a city break, it also has a lot to offer for business people. We did some research – and put together some of the most fashionable after-work locations in Munich for you.

Munich after work: public spaces

During the warm months of the year, many public spaces in Munich invite you to spend the evening in the open air.

  • Gärtnerplatz: For many Munich-based employees, the benches and lawn areas between colourful flower beds are the perfect place to spend their lunch hour – or to enjoy an after-work beer.
  • Reichenbachbrücke: The Reichenbachbrücke runs over the river Isar and is only a stone’s throw away from the Gärtnerplatz. Sitting down on the river banks and enjoying a sundowner with friends and colleagues almost feels like spending an evening on the beach …
  • Glockenbachviertel: Munich’s most vibrant district is characterised by a large number of small bars and night clubs – a perfect starting point for an after-work club tour!
  • Flaucher: A long work day has left you hungry? Grab a portable grill and make your way to the Flaucher. Here, on the gravel banks bordering the Isar, barbecuing is allowed throughout the entire summer season.
  • Englischer Garten: Munich’s Englischer Garten is one of the world’s largest urban public parks and offers enough space for any kind of evening activity: Enjoy a hearty picnic, surf the famous Eisbach wave or just lie down on the lawn to relax in the evening sun. 

Munich after work: beer gardens

Munich wouldn’t be Munich without its beer gardens. So why not have an after-work drink there? The following beer gardens are the perfect spot to enjoy an ice-cold beer:
  • Hirschgarten, Biergarten am Viktualienmarkt and Augustiner Keller – these classics are still worth a visit. Watch the vibrant mixed crowd of all ages and forget all about the stress of everyday worklife.
  • Muffatbiergarten: This ecologically certified beer garden close to the river Isar offers traditional as well as vegetarian dishes. Try the home-made potato salad – and if you would like to extend the after-work party, you don’t need to go far: The adjoining Muffatwerk is a famous concert venue.
  • Nachtbiergarten im Backstage: If you prefer unconventional locations, you should pay this place a visit. You can even bring your own meat – there are barbecue grills set up. Enjoy a relaxed get-together and – if you’re in the mood – stay for some dancing: There’s an after-work party every Thursday.

Munich after work: bars and lounges

Munich is more than the sum of its beer gardens: A wide variety of after work bars and lounges lets you relax in style. You’ve got a weakness for rooftop bars? The Flushing Meadows Hotel in Munich‘s Glockenbachviertel could be the perfect place for you. If weather conditions are favourable, its rooftop terrace even offers a view of the Alps. Another hotspot for fans of rooftop venues is the terrace of Emiko, a Japanese restaurant. Here you can enjoy modern Japanese food, delicious cocktails and a great view over the Viktualienmarkt.

If you’re uncomfortable with heights, you can also find special venues on ground level. The Goldene Bar in Munich’s Haus der Kunst with its shimmering murals, lustrous chandeliers and signature cocktails puts a golden touch to your evening. 

Discover more go-to locations for after-work meetings in Munich

Munich has as many after-work locations as there are workdays! Here’s a list of great places to end your business day with colleagues and friends:
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Munich after work – a trend for everyone

The concept of spending your after hours in a bar or club was originally addressed to a younger audience. Nowadays, however, it appeals to everyone who likes to mingle. Munich offers plenty of opportunities for after-work activities. Whether you are the boss or a trainee, a beer drinker or a cocktail enthusiast, a fan of barbecues or fancy dinners: A wide choice of after-work venues offers something for every taste.
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