These are our 5 favorite train stations in Europe

If you can arrange some free time before your train, you will not be disappointed by these unique train stations

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On the topic of going to a European capital on a business trip, before you hop on a train, don’t forget to take a minute to admire the architecture of the 5 most beautiful train stations in Europe. Indeed, these monuments are part of the essential heritage of the city, and they also offer you a chance for a little sightseeing between business meetings.
Architecture, history and atmosphere: an overview of our 5 favorite train stations.

Madrid Atocha Station

Located in the heart of the Spanish capital, Madrid Atocha is a little architectural marvel. It stands out with a bold roof made of cast iron and glass.
Built between 1888 and 1892, this Madrid station is part of Jugendstil, a modernist art movement from the late 19th century. We owe this railway jewel to the Basque architect José Rafael Moneo, who, in the ultimate decadence, decided to build a luxurious tropical garden in the center of the station. And if you have the opportunity, you should plan your business meeting in Samarkanda, where the refined exotic setting is as splendid as the menu.

Antwerp Central Station

Every day, more than 540 trains come through this station, which was built between 1895 and 1905. Named the "most beautiful station in the world" in 2014, indeed Antwerp Central is a historic monument in its own right.
Designed by Clément van Bogaert, it stands out with imposing stone construction and a dome that majestically overlooks the huge waiting area. Another detail that is the pride and joy of this building, considered one of the most luxurious in Belgium: its superb viaduct, whose architectural beauty is something you won’t miss. If you arrive early, don’t miss out on the opportunity to go through the inescapable Royal Café for a well-deserved break before your next meeting.

London St. Pancras Station

It’s impossible to not be moved by the charm of this London station, which dates back to the 1860s with a style so resolutely Victorian. A masterpiece of Neo-Gothic architecture, this station is located between the new British Library and King's Cross Station.
A fun fact: its imposing façade and amazing bell tower were worthy of an appearance in the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, where, another interesting detail, it lent its facade to its neighboring station, King's Cross. If you’re taking the Eurostar, be sure to plan the time necessary for security checks and customs before your departure.

Venice Santa Lucia Station

Built in 1860, Venezia Santa Lucia Station doesn’t really constitute an inescapable monument of architecture, but rather the magic of arriving in the city of doges by train, along the Lagoon Bridge, is worth the trip in itself. Completely decorated in iron, the Venetian station faces the Grand Canal and the San Simeone Piccolo Church, whose dome can be seen on the other bank.
From there, the “vaporetto” water bus takes you into the maze of Venetian canals in just a few minutes.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof Station

The largest train station in Europe, the Berlin station, which opened in 2006, stands out for its minimalist and futuristic design.
Approximately 300,000 passengers pass through each of the imposing mushroom-shaped buildings, where the east-west and north-south routes are superimposed for the best connection between the railway lines. A glass roof nearly 1000 feet long covers part of the platforms, and its glass wall houses a photovoltaic installation. And if you haven’t quite finished your presentation for your business meeting, there’s a business center with all the amenities you need, located right in the station.

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