Hotels: 6 technologies to enhance the client experience

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In order to meet the new requirements of an ever-more connected clientele, the hotel sector is increasingly resorting to new forms of technology… We focus on some recent innovations that are sure to facilitate or enhance your stay.

Simplified meeting management

Bamboozled by all the cables, you’re trying (unsuccessfully) to get your presentation up on screen, while your audience’s impatience grows… Is this the nightmare scenario that flashes through your mind whenever you need to hold a meeting or conference while on a business trip? Then stress no more thanks to the presentation system Clickshare ! Totally wireless, it requires no installation, thereby alleviating any risk of technical faults. You just connect it to your laptop’s USB port to be able to easily share content on the large screen. Need another way of boosting the impact of your meetings? SMART kapp® does away with the traditional whiteboard in favour of a digital table that captures the notes and ideas that you jot down during the presentation, saves them and shares them remotely in real time. 

Where to find SMART Kapp®? ibis Styles Nieuwpoort

More leisure and entertainment

Need to unwind between two meetings? Certain hotels have fitness gadgets available from Technogym, a brand renowned for its know-how in the field of connected training. Linked to the Internet and with a touch screen, these devices allow you to, for instance, enhance your muscle tone while watching your favourite series on YouTube or Netflix! You can also use it with your own personalised training programme. And if your kids have travelled with you, they’ll adore the interactive PLAY table, which offers various games such as the famous Angry Birds. So whether you’re with the family or on your own in between clients, all your entertainment needs are fully catered for! 

Where to find the PLAY table? Novotel Brussels Airport, ibis Styles Nieuwpoort

Stay permanently connected

The days of having a fixed phone in your hotel room are over, thanks to the Handy smartphone! Provided by the hotel, it can be taken anywhere during your stay and gives you free local and international calls, plus free Internet access, tourist info on the city, etc. It also allows the hotel to provide you with info on its additional services, to send you offers, etc. Prefer to use your own smartphone? Fine, but you certainly don’t want to be separated from it while it’s charging! Here too, technology has come up with a solution. Certain establishments now provide their guests with a Zecharger, an ultra-fast wireless charger that’s compatible with all devices. It can be taken with you everywhere, from the hotel restaurant to beside the swimming pool.  

Where to find Handy? Mercure Amsterdam Centre Canal District, Novotel Leuven Centrum

Where to find ZeCharger? Novotel Brussels City Centre, Novotel Leuven Centrum
Published by Gary on 28/06/2018 Photo credit: © Istock

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