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Have you ever tried doing some work done online during a business trip? Some years ago, chances were good that this would inevitably lead to a nervous breakdown. Fortunately, during the last years those issues have improved significantly. It is possible to use mobile internet in almost every country: All you need is a local SIM card. Unfortunately, switching to another SIM card usually means getting a new phone number as well. However, this option is highly impractical, especially for business travelers who depend on good availability. But there is a solution: WIFI hotspots! In the following, we provide you with helpful information on how to find WIFI hotspots on the go. 

WIFI on the plane – Your office above the clouds

Until recently, planes were the last bastion of offline travel. Now, ideally, the plane functions as an office above the clouds. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are some important differences between airlines concerning the availability of WIFI on the plane:

First, do not forget that many airlines, especially budget airlines, such as Ryanair, do not necessarily provide WIFI on board whereas other airlines allow you to use their WIFI without restrictions. If no access to WIFI is not an option, we recommend to do some research in advance.

Furthermore, different airlines use different billing methods. Lufthansa, for example, allows you to choose between different mobile plans. The cheapest plan gives you access to your e-mail and messenger services, whereas the most expensive plan even allows unlimited streaming. Therefore, you should think about the extent of services you have to use before you get on the plane. Emirates, on the other hand, offers a different billing method: You get charged depending on the data volume you consume and it does not matter which kind of services you use.

By the way: If you would like to use WIFI at the airport, here you can find an interactive map. This list does not include all airports worldwide, but also provides the matching passwords.  

WIFI on the train – Work with the world passing by

If you travel short distance, it often is a good idea to take the train. Since some time, it is possible to use WIFI on all German ICE trains. All passengers can use the WIFI “WIFIonICE” for free. This also applies to the Netherlands. Almost all Dutch Intercity trains offer free access to their hotspots. Just choose the wireless network “Wifi in de trein” and use the internet without any restrictions of data volume. Good to know: Dutch trains are organized in three different zones. If you prefer to work undisturbed, you should take a seat in the work & rest zone. 

How to find WIFI in an unfamiliar city?

Usually, fast and reliable WIFI should be available at every well-equipped hotel. To avoid nasty surprises, it is still a good idea to have a back-up plan. Fortunately, it is rather easy to get access to WIFI on the move. Nowadays, many coffee shops, like for example Starbucks, offer public WIFI. Other good places to try are for example shopping centers, parks and libraries. If traveling does not keep you from putting emphasis on a productive environment, co-working spaces could be the right option for you.

There are many strategies which make your search for WIFI easier. For example, there are different apps which can detect nearby wireless networks. At best, they can even tell you the password. Furthermore, various providers offer travel WIFI devices for rent. This way, you can carry your own wireless network with you wherever you go.   

Easy surfing – The Accorhotels App

Despite good WIFI, downloading large quantities of data such as apps at the apple or android store is often problematic. It is advisable to get this done in advance. This way, you can use helpful apps whenever you need them. An essential app for every business traveler is an app that helps you finding an accommodation which fits your needs. The Accorhotels app enables you to choose between more than 4200 Accorhotels branded hotels. Book your accommodation quick and easy, enjoy exclusive hotel services and earn loyalty points to give yourself access to exclusive benefits.
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