Connected airports: saving you valuable time

Thanks to the rise of intelligent airports, business travel is becoming more efficient than ever

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When you're hurtling between meetings from Paris to Singapore, efficiency is key.
Getting checked in, dealing with luggage and all other travel formalities are becoming more and more streamlined thanks to the increasing connectivity of modern airports.

From booking your ticket right through to an attentive welcome on arrival, every stage of your journey can be optimised.

Before you leave

You must be tech-savvy and connected.
All airports and airlines will be informed about your needs 2.0.
Websites and applications offered by the latter will give you the opportunity to book and purchase your ticket online, check-in remotely and access flight information (terminal, departure gate etc.).
The airport’s destination office route can be calculated in real time and possible disruptions will be indicated. You can even book and pay for your parking space online. The Aéroports de Paris application offers you this service, for example. Fewer unexpected problems, more time saved! 

All these services may be accessed from your desktop, as well as from your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet. 

At the airport

Once you've arrived safely, you'll barely notice the time passing.


Airports compete with ceaseless ingenuity to reduce travel time in their terminals. They offer no-queue ticket roues and automatic baggage drop-off points, which are ideal for business travellers. Indoor geolocation systems are great for finding transport connections quickly, and can be used through Wi-Fi to avoid roaming network charges. 

The development of biometrics also paves the way for speedy access in secure areas. There are iris-recognition scanners at Heathrow Airport and facial-recognition technologies in Changi Airport, and further developments in these procedures will soon be unveiled in Canada (Ottawa).

Save time on these technicalities and you can spend it working or relaxing instead. 


Make use of high-speed Wi-Fi, individual desks and professional meeting spaces to keep up with what's going on back at the office.


Airports are increasingly being designed to offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Changi Airport (Singapore) is a veritable destination in itself, with its expansive greenhouse, pools and connected, interactive spaces.
 Digital technology is designed to make life easier here: boutiques are transformed into showrooms and you can make purchases to be delivered to your home. It is the ultimate ‘You shop, we drop’ concept. 

The majority of airports also offer comfortable multimedia spaces where you can read news articles from your smartphone. 

So it's clear to see that airports are getting smarter by the day, helping you optimise your time and providing you with comfort and relaxation when you need it most.
More and more services will continue to crop up, designed to make your life easier and redefine modern business travel.   

Published by Julie on 29/11/2017 Photo credit: © Istock, TommL

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